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Prof. Haas teaches in full or in part the following courses and lecture series at the University of Bonn:

Bachelor studies in Biology:

  • Practical Courses for all students (summer and winter term), BIO-1 and BIO-14

  • 4-week elective practical course (Wahlpflichtpraktikum) in "Molecular Cell Biology of Membranes" (winter term)

  • Laboratory courses (4 or 6 weeks, year-round)

  • Supervision of Bachelor thesis work


Master studies in Microbiology

  • Participation in "General and Molecular Microbiology and its methods" – Lecture series 1st semester, reading the part "Cellular Microbiology" (winter term)

  • Elective practical course (Wahlpflichtpraktikum) on "Cellular Microbiology", 3 weeks (winter term)

  • Laboratory rotation courses (4 or 6 weeks, year-round)

  • Supervision of Master thesis work


Seminar for co-workers

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