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  • Confocal fluorescence microscopes

  • Superresolution microscopy system

  • Epi-fluorescence microscopes

  • Slide scanning microscope

  • Equipment for sample preparation - light microscopy

  • Electron microscopes

  • Equipment for sample preparation - electron microscopy

  • Atomic force microscope

  • X-ray tomograph

    • Optical sectioning of fluorescence-labelled cells and tissue sections

      Multi-Channel fluorescence imaging

      Generation of image stacks for 3D reconstruction of samples

      Automated scanning of large sample areas (tile scanning)

      Live cell imaging over extended periods of time (incubation chambers)

      Assays to measure protein dynamics and protein-protein-interactions: FRAP, FRET, BiFC

      LSM 710 (Zeiss) IZB CLSM with spectral detection;
      large incubation chamber for long-time live cell imaging;
      FRAP-, FRET- and BiFC-analytics
      Cell Observer SD (Zeiss) IZB fast and highly sensitive system with incubation system for live cell imaging;
      FRAP-, FRET- und BiFC-analytics
      LSM 900 (Zeiss) IZB high resolution CLSM with Airy Scan detector and incubation system for live cell imaging;
      FRAP-, FRET- und BiFC-analytics
      SP8 Lightning (Leica) IZMB spectral CLSM with with GaAsP detector;
      FRET- and BiFC-analytics

      Superresolution microscopy system

      Ti2-E STORM 5.0 (Nikon) IG Inverted microscope equipped with perfect focus system, N-STORM kit and H-TIRF controller for Stochastical Optical Reconstruction (STORM) microscopy

      Imaging of fluorescence-labelled living or chemically fixed cells

      Imaging of tissue sections after staining with histologic dyes (bright field mode)

      Axio-Imager.M1 (Zeiss) IZB upright system;
      dual camera solution for brightfield and fluorescence imaging
      Axio-Observer.Z1 (Zeiss) IZB inverted system with Apotom 2 for generating optical sections
      Axio-Imager.M2 (Zeiss) Nees upright system
      BZ-9000E (Keyence) IG inverted system
      Axiophot (Zeiss) IG also equipped with 63x air objective
      DM 5500 (Leica) IG upright system

      Automated imaging of microscopic slides

      VHX-1000 (Keyence) Nees stacking of three-dimensional samples
      Slide Scanner VS200 (Olympus) IEZ digital slide scanner for capturing high-resolution images of slides

      Cryo-microtomes for cutting semi-thin sections for fluorescence microscopy

      Microtomes to generate sections of paraffin-embedded tissues for subsequent histological staining

      Vibratome/Microtome for histology (Micron) IEZ cutting sections from paraffin-embedded material
      Vibratome for histology (Jung) IZMB agarose sections for light microscopy
      microtomes (Jung) IZMB paraffin and Stedman wax sections
      for light microscopy
      Cryocut CM 3050 S (Leica) IZB cutting semi thin sections of frozen tissues for immunofluorescence microscopy
      RM 2165 (Leica) IZB cutting sections from paraffin-embedded material for histological staining

      Scanning EM: Imaging of surfaces with BSE- and SE-detectors yielding material contrast and topographic data, respectively

      Transmission EM: Imaging of ultra-thin sections and single molecules

      Immuno-gold detection

      SEM Verios 460L (FEI) IZB ultra-high-resolution scanning EM with STEM-detector for TEM studies;
      SE-detectors for topography and BSE-detector for material contrast;
      MAPS-Software for imaging large samples ("Tile and Stitch")

      Microtomes to cut ultra-thin sections from resin-embedded samples

      Sputter coaters and high-vacuum evaporators to prepare samples for SEM or TEM

      Critical point dryers for preparing SEM samples

      Ultracut EM UC7 (Leica) IZB ultramicrotomes for cutting ultra-thin resin sections for TEM
      Ultracut S, UC6 (Leica) IEZ ultramicrotomes for cutting ultra-thin resin sections for TEM
      Ultracut S (Reichert) IZMB ultramicrotome for cutting ultra-thin resin sections for TEM
      208 HR (Cressington) IZB sputter coater device for creating an ultra-thin layer of platin/palladium yielding stability and conductivity for SEM samples
      EM ACE 600 (Leica) IZB high-vacuum evaporation system for generating ultra-fine layers of carbon and platin for contrast and stability for TEM-samples
      CPD 030 (BAL-TEC) IZB
      critical-point dryers for SEM samples

      Measuring and imaging details of surface topography

      AFM: Dimension 3100 (Veeco/Bruker)
      NI: Hysitron (TriboScope)
      IZ atomic force microscope (AFM) for imaging and measuring surface topography, equipped with nanoindenter (NI) for local measurement of E-module and hardness

      Non-invasive tomography of small, fresh or dried samples to identify histology and micromorphology

      Skyscan µCT 1272 (Bruker) IEZ  µComputertomograph (resolution 0.4 µm)
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