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Center for Advanced Imaging in the Biology Section (AIMBIOS)


Head: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Gregor Kirfel

Institute for Cell Biology,

Ulrich-Haberland-Str. 61a

53121 Bonn


Cutting-edge biological studies depend to a large degree on high end microscopic imaging facilities, allowing for the visualization of biological phenomena and structures at high spatial and temporal resolution. While many molecular techniques can be farmed out or are centralized in particular units at the university, this is not practicable to the same degree for imaging techniques. The latter have special requirements with respect to housing, wet-labs and – most importantly – operation and maintenance by specialized staff. Due to the scattered distribution of the institutes of biology across Bonn a centralized operation of a general imaging facility is currently not possible.


A coordination of several imaging facilities in a virtual Center for Advanced Imaging in the Biology Section was therefore established in order to optimize use of and access to the extant equipment under the current constellation. AIMBIOS is used for advertising the techniques currently at our disposal, reducing duplication, optimizing utilization, clarifying terms of use and – most importantly – ensuring access to relevant imaging facilities for members of the Fachgruppe Biologie, other units at Bonn University and third party users.